As a leading global tire manufacturer with a strong reputation for delivering top products in over 130+ countries worldwide, Sailun Tire Americas (STA) includes a wide range of value-based tire brands in passenger, commercial and fleet vehicle applications – all of which are designed right here in North America for the North American market. Our dedicated team is made up of passionate lifelong tire experts who have worked in all facets of the tire industry in the United States and Canada, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Sailun Tire Americas family of brands.

We are committed to setting new standards of quality, performance, and value with our expanding network of valued customers and years of proven industry expertise – STA is quickly becoming a recognized leader in both tire manufacturing and rubber technology with a full range of products, brands and possibilities to make it happen. Discover our family of brands that includes Sailun, ERANGE EV, Blackhawk, Rovelo, RoadX and Ironhead